Wolves prepare for a new season of basketball

Wrangell Wolves head basketball coach Cody Angerman watched from the bleachers as his players went through drills and practice shots in a midday session at the high school gym on Dec. 28 during the winter break.

“I don’t want to say it’s a rebuilding year because we definitely have a good team,” Angerman said. But he acknowledged that a core group of seniors were lost after graduation, excellent ball players and starters who practiced diligently and, most importantly, provided leadership to the team.

“Obviously, when that happens, you kind of look at and think, who’s going to pick up the pieces,” he said. From what he’s seen so far, there are definitely at least a few players who have begun to step into that role. Angerman said he was considering junior Daniel Harrison for team captain.

Having served as head coach since 2017, he said his goal is to have his players be the best team they can be come tournament time. “That’s really the time that matters, and as long as you compete at regionals and state … you’re going to have the best chance.”

After winning fourth place in the Division 2A state championship in March of last year, the first time that the team has been to state since 2015, Angerman is optimistic about their chances of returning to compete at state this season. “The way I see it, it’s our turn.”

Noting that other teams in the region have made it to state or became state champions, he said, “It’s kind of cool to see that they’re recognizing Southeast basketball.”

With many of his players participating in multiple sports, including the recent state championship wins of sophomore Boomchain Loucks’ in cross-country running and senior Keegan Hanson in wrestling, Angerman said, “There’s one thing we can do, I think, is have a lot of stamina and run people.”

The coach added that he prides himself on helping his players play to their strengths and find their niche, whether it’s being a good shooter or playing as a defender. “I always have a spot for somebody that does that,” he said. “Somebody that does the dirty work, who wants to play defense.”

At the alumni game on Dec. 19, alumni defeated the varsity team 52-45. “It was fun,” Angerman said, adding that he coached many of the participating alumni. “My experience is that alumni usually wins,” he said. “You’ve got teenage kids playing against grown men.”

However, he pointed out that last year, the varsity team beat the alumni.

“We just need to figure out a way to gel,” Angerman said. “Figuring out how to work together, and I think that comes with time.”

“They are all very respectful kids and that’s the best thing I can ask for, even if we lost every game,” he said. The more important thing to him is to “have a bunch of kids that are good students in the classroom and you don’t have to worry about.”

Both the junior varsity team as well as the varsity team will play Petersburg at the high school gym for their homecoming games on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 5-6.

Wrangell Wolves team roster:

Keegan Hansen, senior

Keaton Gadd, junior

Trevyn Gillen, junior

Daniel Harrison, junior

Lucas Schneider, junior

Kyan Stead, junior

Cody Barnes, sophomore

Brody Knecht, sophomore

Boomchain Loucks, sophomore

Everett Meissner, sophomore

Ian Nelson, sophomore

Timothy Pearson, sophomore

Jackson Powers, sophomore

Jackson Carney, freshman

Aadyn Gillen, freshman

Jackson Pearson, freshman

Kasey Whitaker, freshman

Cody Angerman, head coach

Tony Harding, assistant coach


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