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 By Marc Lutz    News    August 2, 2023

District staff prepares for students' return to school Aug. 24

Newly cleaned flooring, new paint and new faces will be among the changes students see as they return to school on Aug. 24. However, there will be plenty going on that students don’t really notice. School district staff are working hard to prepare f...

 By Caroleine James    News    August 2, 2023

Borough considers new panel as part of code enforcement push

In the coming months, the borough plans to get stricter about enforcing parts of its municipal code — particularly rules prohibiting trash and derelict cars or boats from accumulating on people’s property. At a work session June 25, the assembly met...

 By Marc Lutz    News    August 2, 2023

British rangers use vacation to volunteer, learn conservation methods

When most people think of vacation, they don't necessarily think about work. But for visiting Britons Kate Dziubinska and Charlie Winchester, their work is the reason for their vacation. Winchester,...

 By Sage Smiley    News    August 2, 2023

Community in better water shape than last week

It wasn’t a downpour but it was enough to raise the water level at both reservoirs and ease fears of shortages, Public Works Director Tom Wetor said of the rainfall Sunday and Monday. “Overall, I’m feeling pretty good,” he said Monday morning...


The Way We Were

Aug. 2, 1923 Ed Grigwire Sr. and Ed Grigwire Jr. came in Monday from Anita Bay where they spent Sunday fishing. They brought back a boatload of trout, which was one of the largest catches of freshwater fish ever seen in Wrangell. It hardly seems...


It will not be easy, but code enforcement needed

Borough Assembly Member Jim DeBord is right to warn against “going down the rabbit hole too far” when it comes to enforcing municipal code against junk vehicles and garbage on private property. But it’s a hole the borough needs to fill so that no on...


About time the pipeline dream ran out of gas

Elected officials who say the proposed Alaska North Slope natural gas project is closer than ever to putting steel pipe in the ground and money in the pockets of construction workers should take a break from their political grandstanding and pay...


We're meant to grow throughout life

Did you know some churches are color coordinated? We use colors to visually represent the purpose of a church season: blue is for Advent hope, purple is Lenten repentance, white is Christmas and Easter joy. The longest season is the one we’re in n...

 By Caroleine James    News    August 2, 2023

Borough assembly votes against funding for children's services caseworker

At its July 25 meeting, the borough assembly decided not to contribute $25,000 to keep a state Office of Children’s Services caseworker in town. The current in-town caseworker is moving off the island, explained Borough Manager Jeff Good, so the p...

 By Caroleine James    News    August 2, 2023

Salt and Cedar spa to celebrate relocation with grand opening

Since its 2020 opening, Sirene Spa has been freshening faces, lengthening lashes, clearing pores and applying perfect tans. But now, the spa is giving itself a makeover. Esthetician Robyn Byrd has...

 By Caroleine James    News    August 2, 2023

Bears make a beeline to the hives for the sweet protein

It’s more than just a sweet tooth that directs bears to honey. Beekeeper Christi Henthorn of North Carolina explained the relationship between bears and beehives — and how to protect your pollinators from a possibly disastrous bear attack — in a pre...

 By Caroleine James    News    August 2, 2023

'Bears are cool,' and Anan a great spot to watch and learn, says researcher

Each season, a few thousand visitors flock to Anan Wildlife Observatory to watch bears pluck salmon out of Anan Creek. But this popular viewing spot is more than just a fun afternoon getaway - it's...

 By Marc Lutz    News    August 2, 2023

Kids, adults get wild for bear and nature-themed art workshop

They gathered around a long table in the front hall of the Nolan Center, cutting construction paper, drawing and coloring images and gluing pieces together. There was focus. There was vision. There...

 By Marc Lutz    News    August 2, 2023

Tour to offer look into gardens throughout town

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary How does your garden grow?” While gardeners in Wrangell may not plant silver bells and cockleshells, they still grow a myriad of things that some folks might find difficult to cultivate in the Southeast climate. To tha...

 By Lex Treinen    News    August 2, 2023

Haines business soaks in success of building custom-made wood bathtubs

Actress Jennifer Aniston knows something about Haines that even some longtime residents don't: The town is home to some of the finest wooden bathtubs that money can buy. Aniston is one of the...

 By Sentinel staff    News    August 2, 2023

Eight-way tie among winners in Sentinel news quiz

There were eight perfect scores in the Sentinel’s news quiz, producing an eight-way split of the prize money. In total, 21 readers entered the contest, answering 18 questions about the news from the first three weeks of July. Trailing the eight p...

 By Alex DeMarban    News    August 2, 2023

GCI will end its email service mid-2024

Telecommunications company GCI will end its longtime email service next year, a move that will force customers to transition to new email providers. Spokespeople with GCI, Alaska’s largest telecommunications company, said the service will end s...

 By James Brooks    News    August 2, 2023

Judge orders Denali tourist shop to stop selling fake souvenirs

A state judge has ordered a tourist shop outside Denali National Park to stop selling products labeled as “Made in Alaska” after the state accused the shop of repeatedly selling fake souvenirs and art. According to a complaint filed by the Ala... Full story

 By Riley Board    News    August 2, 2023

Anchorage-Kenai state highway project more than doubles in cost since 2018

A major highway project improving the connection between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula has more than doubled in cost over the past five years — from $350 million in 2018 to the latest estimate of $840 million — and the new pavement is still fou...

 By Claire Stremple    News    August 2, 2023

State exceeds time limit on food stamp appeal hearings

While Alaska’s state government has made progress in getting more people the food stamps they are entitled to receive, advocates say the process to appeal denials or delays is breaking down. Food stamps are a federal benefit managed by the states, a... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    August 2, 2023

Google helps pay for using AI to track permafrost changes in Alaska

Tracking changes in permafrost can take years and sometimes decades, lags that cannot keep up with the transformations in the rapidly warming Arctic. Now scientists will be developing new technology to track those changes in real time, thanks to a... Full story

 By Yereth Rosen    News    August 2, 2023

Google helps pay for using AI to track permafrost changes in Alaska

Tracking changes in permafrost can take years and sometimes decades, lags that cannot keep up with the transformations in the rapidly warming Arctic. Now scientists will be developing new technology to track those changes in real time, thanks to a... Full story

 By James Brooks    News    August 2, 2023

State school board delays vote on transgender girls sports policy

Alaska’s state school board has unexpectedly delayed a vote on a proposed regulation that would prohibit transgender girls from playing on girls high school sports teams. Board chairman James Fields said the delay was warranted by “hard que... Full story

 By Mark Sabbatini    News    August 2, 2023

Governor vetoes bill that would have provided clarity for e-bike rules

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has vetoed a bill defining electric-assisted bicycles the same as regular bicycles — which passed the Legislature by a combined vote of 57-2 — because “it creates unnecessary bureaucracy by regulating recreational activ...


Police report

Monday, July 24 Drugs. Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department. Ambulance. Tuesday, July 25 Nothing to report. Wednesday, July 26 Assault. Thursday, July 27 Domestic call; verbal: People were separated. Agency assist: Hoonah Police Department....


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